Sunday, 16 May 2010

you had time to waste. i had time to kill.

i have now discovered that i cannot concentrate on writing this blog while i have music blaring into my earholes, so out the earphones come. ah thats better.
woke up today really really early, and yes i was wide awake. i really couldnt get to sleep no matter how hard i tried. so i just kinda listened to music that i hoped would try and send me to sleep. it didnt. so then i decided to watch a film. WHEYHEY that did the trick. until i nearly overslept to get to work for one. had a pretty weird day at work. it was boringly quiet. i thought i was actually going to fall asleep. it was shit. so yeah thats basically what ive done all day. i hope i have a better day at college tomorrow. otherwise i will kill myself. kidding.

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