Tuesday, 11 May 2010

while watching sex and the city.

i finally finished the essay today & by lunch time it got handed in. oh i was actually really pleased. another weight off my shoulders. so today was a pretty chilly one. and just one of those average days where nothing goes amazingly right, or wrong. today we had so fill in some form for college today, asking whether we wanted to go into the second year and if we wanted to carry on into university. & this got me thinking about what i wanted to do with my life. of course i said yes to carrying on into the second year, because who wouldnt.. how silly would that be when they are going to read these things. & then i said no, i didnt want to go to university. because i had other career options in mind. i really didnt like highschool even though i got pretty decent grades, had lots of friends and got on well with teachers.. i just didnt like the environment & the pressure that was put on us. not to say college doesnt put pressure, but after all they are only trying to help. but its a different kind of environment. you are treated more like adults obviously, but its just different. so after highschool i just wanted to take this time to relax and think about what i really wanted to do with my life. and then next year start really working hard to get where i want to be. and you may laugh. but my goal is to be in the raf. something ive always thought about doing. and im really going to push myself to do it. some people may think im silly and some people say 'oh but you will change your mind'. my mind hasnt changed in years now. so why suddenly now? exactly. yes i have a job and college and great friends. but its what i want to do. so there is nothing that will hold me back. haha i dont even have the boyfriend trouble, so that makes it easier.
so, i dont think we have a government yet. does this mean we can run the country ourselfs.. haha to be honest i think we would do a much better job.

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