Wednesday, 12 May 2010

calm down, its not like youre dead.

you know that feeling where things just make you smile. like that tmobile dance advert for instance, that advert always seems to bring a smile to my face and gives me that funny feeling in my stomach. i find myself with a tear in my eye and a smile on my face at the same time. only if everyone could come together & treat everyone with a bit of respect.
so today i had a day off work (im normally working wednesday), so i was like YEAH. went to town with my friend gemma today. gosh i love that girl. she makes me laugh when im at my lowest. truly joined at the hip. i went to the opticians today because in february i broke my glasses beyond repair.. so anyway i realised that i hadnt been for an eye test since 2008 so yeah i was definitely due a check. & some new glasses for that matter. i also went to the doctors this morning which was just for something pretty minor. eczema to be frank. yeah i know dry skin, lovely. but that really was about it for the day.. didnt really do much else. oh apart from i did some art work, so i was pleased that i actually made the effort to get all my arty stuff out (because there is so much of it) the reason why i sometimes cant be bothered to get it out is cuz there is so much to pack away at the end of it all. suddenly cant think of anything to write. nuff said.

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