Sunday, 19 September 2010

deal or no deal.

the last months have been interesting to say the least.. i haven't uploaded a blog for a while because basically i just forgot about it & i really didn't have that much time over the summer. the past month has been filled with work work & more of it. well just a little hello & goodbye.

Sunday, 20 June 2010

blah blah :D

just a quick one because i havent written in a while. just out of pure laziness i guess. how shit. having all this time off college really gets you in the lazy mood. lay-ins ftw. as i say this is only a quick one but i will be doing a much fuller blog later on. i just dont have the words at the moment.

Friday, 11 June 2010

just a quick one before i go to sleep.

you dont know this, but you mean a lot to me.

its really good to hear your voice say my name, it sounds so sweet.

just a little blog for today. erm, where do i start? another day off so i didnt get out of bed to like 12pm. which made me late for the bus because i was meeting gemma at 1. she was annoyed because i missed the bus yesterday too, making her wait.. oops haha. i was feeling really mischievous today and did some funny things it town which made me laugh. so that was that then i had to leave to go to my nan & gdads 50th wedding anniversary which was sweet and it was nice to see everyone. okay.

and ive missed big brother two nights in a row now.
i love big brother.
i can not get into the 'missing it' habit.
i will watch.
i will!

Thursday, 10 June 2010

well you are the only exception.

hmm well, my last few posts have been pretty thin. so this hopefully is going to be a decent amount. fingers crossed. :)
so tuesday my college course went to the v&a museum in london. it was an alright trip, but the actual museum was really dull. so me and a few mates went over to the natural/national history museum and i have to say it was a little more exciting than the v&a. but i managed to get a few sketches of some things while at the v&a. so i guess that was the silver lining. dont you find when you go on highschool/college trips like that you have more fun on the journey rather than when youre there. and yes i fell asleep on the way back and yes i did have numerous photos taken of me asleep. i havent seen them, but im sure they were god damn awful haha. im not that fussed in all honesty. so what else has been happening? err.. yesterday was one of those days where i literally stayed in my pj's all day.. hardly ever got out of bed and just relaxed all day. it was lush. as i rarely have those days now.. because of college & working etc. so i guess that was fun. mmm big brother started last night, which in a way im sort of glad and im sort of weirdly upset because i actually really enjoy it.. which i know is really pathetic. but tbh i dont give a shit. the housemates were all chosen live. which i didnt like. and the bunch of people they stuck in there were kinda strange. some very nice looking girls i have to say & i cant forget the guys.. some very nice looking ones too ;) so i guess i will be writing about that quite abit in blogs. what have i done today? i went to town with my friend gemma. we bummed around there for abit.. then we decided to try on some outfits in anne summers.. haha what a laugh we had. so much fun. peace.

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

i made a point to burn all the photographs.

so do you wait, or carry on.. i like him. & there's nothing i can do about it :( really not having the best of days. and this blogs are really thin. shame on me.

i like to listen to music so loud it drowns out my own thoughts.

you have no idea how i feel. its like just watching someone having there life and them not knowing how you feel. & seriously its ripping me up inside and i dont know what to do. i know i should write some more, but im really not in the mood. plus desperate housewives is on.