Monday, 10 May 2010

just a quickie.

so im in the middle of writing an essay for college. i havent written one for about a year, which was when i was doing my gcse's. i hate them with a passion. i dont really see the point in writing an essay about art. GAH. and the worst thing is.. this essay is only 500 words, not like them 7000 uni ones. i think i would actually die if i had to do one of those :/ i wish writing an essay was as easy as writing a blog. even though i havent done one for a while. BAD. so whats been happening while i havent been here? gordon brown stands down. i dont know whether to be pleased or what.. i dont really care in all fairness. what else? oh yeah im going to alton towers in a couple of weeks. AHHHHHH :D ive been like 3 times before, and yet i still cant wait to get on those rides and poop myself. i just hope noone throws up. that would be dirty. and a complete mess. im just not looking forward to the 3 hour car journey. ipod will definitely needed :) anything else? oh yeah.. why are men so god damn confusing? would someone please answer that question for me because it is playing on my mind. i wont go into detail about what happened but a while back someone wasnt very nice to me, then thinks its acceptable to send me a message over facebook like nothing happened. how? why? i really should be writing this bleeding essay. i think i might watch a film. after the essay of course.
someone today got me thinking about karma, which i havent really thought about in great depth before.. but it really has got me thinking. what goes around comes around right? yeah i suppose so, be nice and people will be nice to you. oh i dont know. what about 'does everything happen for a reason?' i think so.. now that i believe. we dont just walk around doing random things. they do happen for a reason. why we meet different people and do different things..

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