Friday, 21 May 2010

love the soldier, hate the war.

sitting in digital art and design i decided to write something on here. mainly because i was bored and i needed something to do. so this is it. today has been a good day so far. im really enjoying digital art & design because it makes you think about colour.
whats your favourite colour you ask me? & i will literally punch you in the face. its not because i hate you. its because that is the worst question in the world.
nothing really has been happening lately, been pretty boring. mainly just going to college, going to work, seeing friends & killing people on the xbox. yep, thats all that happens in my life at the moment.
today gemma got a kiss & a hug off boner boy. i havent spoke about him before, but hes a kid in our college that gets a boner everytime he hugs a girl. oh dear me.
im really missing talking to someone at the moment. & i shouldnt because he was really not very nice to me a couple of months back but.. i miss it. i miss him. & i miss our stupid conversations. someone i know has said he is only playing mind games with me, which i know is probably true. but i dont mind. ive leant not to let that stuff get to me anymore. otherwise i would have probably killed myself by now.
OMG i go to alton towers next wednesday & i am actually so excited. :D:D:D

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