Thursday, 13 May 2010

basket case.

i woke up today and decided i wanted to watch sweeney todd while eating breakfast. just what i need to watch, throats being slit. yummy. i actually thought it was a really good film. and would watch it again. so then i went to town with my mumma. and always i bought clothes. who doesnt?
today was just an average day for me. i really didnt think about much. nothing really entered my head. i was just kind of in a daze, which really isnt like me at all. maybe i was thinking, just thinking too much that i didnt really know what was going on.
i had the strangest dream last night & i can remember everything that happened which is strange because that normally never happens. there is only 2 dreams that i can vividly remember from being a child. i used to have this recurring dream when i was little where this man was looking for me. and i used to hide under the bed trying not to be hurd. then i remember seeing his feet. and im still trying not to make a sound. then he left. it was the weirdest thing. because it was the exact same dream over and over again. so yeah that is that. and im not going to explain the dream i had last night, its way too rude haha. its not because it was rude that made it weird, it was the people involved in it. like i would never expect for them to enter my head.
that was really my day summed up.
a little bit rubbish or what?

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