Thursday, 1 April 2010

this aint a love song.

today i got asked a question, who is the person i keep mentioning in my blog? i wish i could tell, but it just simply isnt that easy. i mean i wouldnt want to go and make a fool of myself, which im sure i already have lol. but yeah, there's no way im telling anyone who it is. why would i want to? what pleasure do they get out of it? none. apart from knowing my business. ive had a pretty good day. i got paid yesterday, so i went on a much needed spend. and come back with like loads of random stuff. like two giant cans of hair spray? :S well, i will need that i guess. today has been a much better day. he didnt enter my mind so much. i think im finally taking control of these feelings. soon in my head he wont exist, hopefully anyway. goodnight.

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