Sunday, 4 April 2010

everything thats on my mind.

so some geek today told me not to think about what to write and just write what comes into my head so here goes.
-i have amazing friends. gemma, she is like my rock and i love her. i dont think i would be able to go a day without speaking to her. we are like two peas in a pod, joined at the hip. i met her at college. and shes awesome.
of course i have many other friends too, but none are like her. shes my jesus.
-i like him. you dont and never will know who he is, but its weird. like i would of never of thought it would of come to this but it kinda just happened. they say you cant help who you like/love (i dont love him) but thats really true. and it happens at the most worse, awkward and silly times. but as i like to say.. if life was easy, would love be boring? i think it would.
-college. i like it, only because i have great friends.
-family. this could be a long one. i didnt have a bad childhood. but as a result of what happened when i was a young baby, me and my father dont really have a relationship that a daughter and father should have. this makes me sad sometimes because i see other people with their fathers and i think to myself.. why cant my life be like that. but i suppose we all have different problems in our life. well, none of us are perfect after all. none.
i might add to this a little later because i really cba to type right now :)

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