Wednesday, 14 April 2010

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someone told me today that my last few blogs were pretty thin. so i really have to try and make this one half decent sized :l wish me luck. :)
so whats been happening the last few days? well in all honesty nothing really.. ive realised a few things which i have been denying for a while. and because ive accepted how i feel, i can now deal with these feelings in a much more positive way then.. a negative one? lol.
the cat has been shedding furr like mad. and its getting everywhere. i now give my cat 2 brushes a day and its still falls off her like mad. of course my step dad suggested shaving her. i agreed. but my mum got in the way of our plan. lucky cat.
work has been okay, alot better than before. and im getting along with my manager much better. i think ive learnt how to deal with her now. even so, another person has left and she really will be missed, by all of us.
the subject of him.. i dont really know to say on this subject. we still speak. but thats about it.
OH MY GOSH. my mother dearest bought be some beano covered plasters today and i was so please. i know how random. but they really are so cool :)
sorry its been slightly all over the place but it should stop the complaining.

okay so i thought that was one of the lamest attempts at writing a decent sized blog. EPIC FAIL. but i really dont know what to write, and if i just write what comes to mind then.. im sure i will be in trouble ;) i love you.

ahhh why is it when ive saved the blog and think thats all im going to write i end up thinking of other things to put in it lol.
OMG im now obsessed with reddit. thanks to a geeky friend of mine.
what else.. oh about half way through on my anne frank book. i think its absolutely incredible. this may sound weird but i would really like to go to poland and visit the auschwitz museum. i think it would be such an experience. i would probably cry my heart out. but i really want to go maybe sometime next year.
cleaned my room today, be proud.

oh and im pretty sure my laptop is going to die soon. maybe an excuse to get a new one.. or just survive without. & my blackberry is acting like a gay. i hate it. iphone please :)

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