Sunday, 28 March 2010

too long.

right ive been meaning to write this for too long now. ive missed getting my thoughts down on e-paper. its a good way to stop me from going insane in my own mind. dont you ever have those days? where you just feel like you are going to explode, just because of all those thoughts going through your head. like when you cant even get a good night sleep because your brain just doesnt want to shut down. anyway, im starting to blabble.
so since the last time i wrote on here nothing really has happened.. im still working, still at college, still single.
to be honest ive kinda just given up with men. they are just a waste of time at the moment for me. dont worry im not becoming one of those mad lesbians craving boobs. even though boobs to excite me, just a little bit. ;)
anyway, my brain has just gone blank.. so i will leave this for the moment.
love you all.

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