Tuesday, 30 March 2010

rainy days.

today i woke up to the sound of someone walking into my room. typical. i thought i was going to have a decent lie-in, NO. it was my mum wanting to borrow MY hair dryer, i dont know why she couldnt of just used her own. anyway, i didnt really sleep much after that. which was good really because i was late for going into town to see some friends. but i still stayed in bed till about 12 lol. but the electric had been cut off so i decided to read, haha i know right me? read? yes lol. ive started reading anne franks diary, and to be honest im really enjoying it. so yeah, because the electric was off i couldnt get a hot shower, i had to have a cold one. i hated every minute of it. anyway, yada yada yada i managed to get into town to meet my friends, it was his birthday today so of course i wished him happy birthday. :) i had a pretty good time in town, apart from a few boring parts it was all good. fo sure.

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