Tuesday, 9 February 2010


well well well, today was more than interesting. NOT.
right, so getting up at 6am wasn't my idea of fun.. but i thought okay today is the day when all excited college kids go to the tate modern. yes the coach journey was fun, as always. ;) but when we got there.. it was actually shocking. :( i was not impressed. so we spent around 4 hours exploring the tate, only finding one thing i actually liked. a big empty black box. yes. a fucking box. but actually if im honest it was quite funny. so after about 2 hours, we left to find a starbucks. the majourly overpriced coffee heaven. then left for shitty suffolk. art hadnt been on the forefront of my mind that day, and we all know why.. that isnt too great. anyhow. goodnight.


  1. That trip sucked so much. I'd rather be in drawing lol. But yeah, that big black box was quite fun lol.

  2. i thought i was going to shoot myself. it sucked balls.