Friday, 12 February 2010

Fun and Giggles.

another early start to the day, but fuck me it was amazing. so many fun times and giggles. met up with my friend Gemma. the day just got better and better.
managed to get double cheese burger down before 11. how shameful, but gosh it was yummy and it was just what i needed to start the day. :)
so again, as per usual.. we went to starbucks, its pure love between me and that place. just yum. anyway, met Gemma's sort of guy called Alex.. or baldylocks. yes, he is bald.. sort of lol. he didnt stay around for long, but he did buy me a creme egg. YUM.

yada yada yada. the day went on.

cinema times, we went to see Valentines Day. great i thought.. just what i need when i have no one. but to be honest it was a really good film and i really enjoyed it. made me feel all soppy though after.. and just wanted to grab the nearest cute guy and kiss him. i didnt. but it did make me think about him. that one person. him. hey, im not giving names away here. ;) maybe one day. when ive actually told him myself how i feel :/ yes, men are not my favorite subject at the moment spesh with valentines. ergh. anyway, this is going to be post one of two tonight. fo' sure.

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