Friday, 12 February 2010

Fun and Giggles Part Two.

so i thought i would do a second post tonight, just because i felt like it. but know i dont really know what to say :/
.. okay been sat here for about 2 minutes now.. and still nothing. some how i dont think i could make it as a writer. dont you agree?
so my evening has been average. watching sex and the city and packing. ergh.
yes im going to yorkshire tomorrow to see my dad. :) i think its going to be fun because im going to be learning to drive for a whole week and im dead excited.. also really nervous. plus because ive cut my hair kind of short.. i think he will be a little mad. :/ and i really dont want to deal with that tomorrow after a whole day of traveling. 3 and a half hours. 2 changes. FML. well at least its not like a 6am train, that would be a killer.
oh and its valentines day on sunday. fun fun fun. this year im valentines scrooge. i hate it.
  1. because i dont have a valentines.
  2. because im at my fathers.
  3. id be actually scared if my father gets a valentines card.
but there is a guy i like at the moment, but of course he doesnt know it yet.. well im sure he does but after the recent events he might have become to hate me. which would be BAD.
anyway its all a long story. and abit too.. graphic to explain on here.
at least sex and the city is cheering me up, sort of. :) but i have to admit this has been one of the worst evenings in a while. maybe its because i havent spoke to him. but a different guy mentioned before. this one is abit more complicated to talk about. and i dont really know how i feel about this one at all.. i like him. but he lives a million miles away, and doesnt care about things. well, most things. he is so random. ergh, if he reads this im going to be embarrassed. but its weird because in a way i hope he does. so then he knows.. without me having to physically telling him.
ah look i dont know what to write for ages, then come out with loads of stuff that many people would not want to hear about.
& ive only been out of college for a few days for the half term holidays and i miss them geeks already, there like my family and i love them.
facebook has also been dull tonight, and full of just pointless stuff.
i think its time i stop talking now. its late and ERGH i have to travel tomorrow. goodnight blogger world. i love you.

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  1. Haha i loved how you said you didnt know what to write about and still managed to get this note sooo long haha. What can i say ? I hope you have a nice week up in Yorkshire with your dad, even the Valentines Day may not be the worst, its just another day in a year tbh :) And haha, saying about dad buying valentines card, my dad always buys me a rose for Valentines day (: And btw is that boy mentioned in your note who i think he is ? :) I miss you Amie!